Monday, May 16, 2011

School Curriculars

Wow there are so many choices for school curricular I have no idea what I should do when I get there, apart from the obvious choice, Kendo which is Japanese sword fighting and a must I need to pick a cultural activity and i would appreciate some input. Here are some cool people doing kendo.

Some of the choices for clubs are:
Wind Ensemble
Amateur Radio
Astronomy -which is pretty cool...
Photography-which would be a good choice seeing as I know only a little Japanese
Art- also a good choice
English Speaking Society-yeah probably not
Newspaper- That wouldn't really work

Calligraphy- which would be fun

Acting- which would be my first choice apart from the language difference

Tea Ceremony-which is pretty cool
And of course, Flower Arrangement- which is an obvious win
I am not really sure what to choose there are a lot of amazing choices and comments would be appreciated. :)

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